The DMT Innovation Cluster is a complex structure of many independent innovation-oriented companies, based on cooperation and mutual support. Cluster membership is open to companies with equity/personal ties and completely unrelated entities because the framework of the cluster is formed by an agreement that stipulates the terms of permanent cooperation.

The cluster is coordinated by dmt Holding S.A., and the individual companies remain separate entities.

We are focused on innovation, and our mission is to create and deliver it. This does not only refer to innovation significant for business but, most importantly, socially relevant innovation. We want to create important, beautiful, relevant and interesting things. We believe that true development is not just inventing further more or less useful gadgets. Rather, it is the creation of ideas that actually and considerably contribute to the quality and comfort of living. Our pride comes from the fact that we do not only create such innovation – we can implement it so as to make it generally available.

Innovations that work.

We believe that the development of companies in today’s world depends on competitive advantages, which, in turn, are based on intelligent and creative innovation. Innovation or patents alone are not sufficient for success. It is necessary to carefully develop and precisely implement the concept of production and sales. This is complicated and by no means trivial. That is why we believe that the key to success is to cooperate with other innovative, experienced companies, both when the idea is created and when it is implemented. It is important to ensure continuous and unrestricted sharing of experiences without ordinary communication barriers. It is also important to optimise operating expenses and the time spent on routine business duties so that the company can focus solely on the development and implementation of innovati

Cooperation between cluster members is entirely voluntary and may have various forms:

  • using the Shared Services Centre (office services, telemarketing, hotline, technical support, accounting services, legal services)
  • extensive exchange of knowledge
  • joint development of complementary products and services by combining convergent competences
  • cooperation in obtaining and servicing Clients of the same target group
  • development of dedicated competences by transparently dividing the duties within the cluster (in particular, some companies in the cluster may be internal, i.e., they may offer their products and services only to cluster members to ensure the maximum level of such dedicated services or products)
  • joint acquisition of external funding, with particular focus on EU funds
  • joint investing of funds, competences and time in new, innovative companies that are to become cluster memb

The company may function in the cluster permanently or temporarily. Temporary cluster companies are companies in which the cluster invests funds through the dedicated Leonardo fund (Leonardo Fund ASI Sp. z o.o. investment company).

The cluster does not include companies that compete with each other. This enables free and unrestricted cooperation and exchange of information. Thus, everybody can enjoy excellent and stable conditions for continuous developm


head office: ul. Wł. Żeleńskiego 103, 31-353 Kraków, Poland

phone No. +48 12 349 67 04

e-mail: cluster@dmt.com.pl