Automatic identification of vehicles using a system of cameras

Project value: PLN 1,786,348.00

EU funding: PLN 1,134,000.00

Project time frame: 7/2010 to 7/2012

The development of innovative image analysis technologies enabled the creation of the Traffic Analyzer system, which analyses the video stream sent from city surveillance cameras or cameras dedicated to live monitoring of motor traffic. The video sent to the application is recorded by several cameras that monitor the analysed traffic lanes from several perspectives.

Using the developed camera synchronisation algorithms, Traffic Analyzer software counts the objects by analysing a specific area from several points/perspectives. This can be used to detect and distinguish between vehicles that would be impossible to count with a single camera.

The algorithms analyse and compare the video from several sources and mark the objects seen by, for instance, both cameras at the same time and objects noticed by only one of the cameras.

Owing to this function, the algorithms do not record single objects twice – they only record the actually counted number of vehicles regardless of the number of cameras/video streams monitoring the given area. This reduces the measurement error to negligible levels and enables tracking the entire route of a specific vehicle.

The Traffic Analyzer system is used wherever it is necessary to automatically analyse motor traffic volume in places such as car parks, internal/estate roads and, most importantly, national roads or motorways.

Owing to the ease of configuration and flexibility of application, Traffic Analyzer is the perfect analytic tool using the video stream provided by the existing surveillance system and the archived video stream recorded by mobile cameras placed in the vicinity of the analysed traffic lane.

Traffic Analyzer enables traffic volume analysis at junctions and generating online reports on the volume of motor traffic in specific directions. The reports generated online can be used as data input for dynamic traffic light control to significantly improve the flow of traffic on Polish roads.

The quickly increasing number of vehicles on Polish roads requires the operators to use intelligent traffic management systems. The developed Traffic Analyzer system is very accurate and, at the same time, is inexpensive and easy to install.

With such solutions, every junction will soon be provided with a system for intelligent traffic light control and traffic volume analysis to enable road operators to routinely make all necessary improvements at roads and junctions, and motorists will enjoy much shorter times of travel through crowded cities.