Embark on your new professional adventure. We believe that the key to success lies in our teams. They are the heart of our company and the engine that drives innovation. That's why we focus on growth, nurturing an environment that fosters creativity.We offer a variety of roles and positions to match your skills and aspirations. Whether you're an IT specialist, marketer or sales expert, you'll find a place where you can grow with us.



For us, every candidate is unique. We understand that the recruitment process is not only a chance for us to find the perfect partner, but also an opportunity for you to get to know us better. That's why we approach each candidate as a guest, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible with us. Our approach to recruitment:

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You are our guest:
From the moment you "cross the threshold of our office" you will be treated with the utmost respect and hospitality. Our team will make sure that you feel comfortable and at ease at every stage of the recruitment process.
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Full transparency:
During the recruitment interview, we will provide you with comprehensive information not only about the position you are applying for but also about our company, its culture and values. We want you to have a clear picture of what we do and what it is like to work with us.
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Your experience is important to us:
We want you to feel like part of our team right from the start. We will make sure that during the interview you have the opport
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Individual approach:
Every candidate is important to us. We focus on making you feel that you are being carefully listened to and that your needs are our priority.

We believe that business success starts with people. That's why we strive to make the recruitment process not only effective, but also enjoyable and memorable. We want you to feel like part of our family from the very first meeting.


See what the recruitment process looks like. Step by step. It's that simple!

CV analysi
First, we want to get to know your history as written in your resume. If we see that your professional history resonates with our mission, we will invite you to the next chapter – a conversation that will give us both a chance to get to know each other better.
Conversation with HR
It's not just an interview, it's a space for mutual questioning and exploring where your professional future may intertwine with our organization.
Verification of competence
During this stage, we'll not only want to learn about your skills, but we'll also look at how your energy and innovation can enhance our team dynamics.
Vision of cooperation
This is the space where, in a transparent conversation, we take a decision that will determine our cooperation – mapping out our vision for working together.
Joint Development Agreement
This is an intimate launch announcement for those who will join our company to create the future together.


We care about what is important to you.


We are held accountable for the projects that we deliver

We are creating an environment where you have control over your schedule


We provide medical packages and sports cards

Rewards Programme

We regularly award discretionary bonuses

There are also occasional gifts and gift packs


We meet not only in the office but also outside it

We rely on team-building


We participate in training courses and conferences

We learn languages

Work-life balance

We enjoy 26 days of paid vacation

We spend holidays and long weekends with our loved ones


Your future, our opportunities. Work with the best in the industry, grow and achieve your career goals. Do you resonate with our mission? Join us to innovate and change the world together.

nasz team
Event Sales Specialist
full time
6000-9000 PLN
SJS S.A. boasts over 20 years of experience in safe driving training and event organization, utilizing both sports and off-road vehicles. Our subsidiaries include: SJS Driving Experience, SJS Driving Academy, and Subaru Driving School. For years, we've been delivering unforgettable experiences to our clients at various events. As one of the top driving technique improvement schools in Poland, we aid in enhancing drivers' skills. We prioritize quality, which depends on our talented and committed teams. If you also prioritize professionalism and commitment in every interaction with your clients, we invite you to talk with us. We believe that, like us, you'll fall in love with the roar of supercar engines and passionately execute fantastic events for our clients. Join our superb team and create unforgettable events with us! We specialize in event organization and are looking for an energetic Sales Events Specialist to help grow our company. We offer cooperation under a B2B contract.
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Database Specialist
full time
12000-16000 PLN
As a DMT Software House, we specialize in the production, servicing, and outsourcing of dedicated IT solutions, primarily aimed at the financial, insurance, and publishing sectors for large corporations. Our systems are designed primarily to be reliable, functional, and most importantly, useful in business.The quality and usability of software depend on an extremely large number of diverse factors, especially the skills and dedication of our TEAMS. The dynamic development of the company is owed to their knowledge, professionalism, and commitment. Our success and strength are owed to their qualifications. Therefore, employees are one of the most valuable assets of our company.
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IT Systems Implementation Consultant
InfoProtector: Where Modernity Meets ProfessionalismOur priority is to provide modern and proven IT solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Thanks to our many years of experience, a team of professionals, and solid technical and economic potential, our company is ready to face any challenges in the IT industry.
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Employee feedback is very important to us. Thanks to them we can develop and make the Cluster a business-attractive and friendly place to work, responding to the individual needs of the people employed. Check out what our associates say about the cluster.

At DMT Cluster, I am in charge of recruitment and employer branding in the HR department. In my work, I have experienced an open and friendly atmosphere, which has greatly facilitated my activities in HR consulting. The ability to act freely and the support of the management contributed to my comfort in working and developing HR processes. I particularly appreciate the willingness to develop, honesty and openness in communication, which allows me to effectively support the building of a strong organisational culture and to influence its transformation in the area of HR policy.

Angelika Dudek

Employer Branding & Recruitment Partner at DMT Innovation Cluster

Opinia - Angelika Dudek
Although the DMT Cluster is made up of many companies, internally the atmosphere resembles that of a small family business, where we are perceived as people and not an Excel table. A great value is cooperation - everyone is very helpful, and you can always count on the other teams inside the whole cluster. I also appreciate the benefits (insurance, healthcare and sports card) and internal training.

Maksym Żak

Business Development Director at AutoID

Opinia - Maksym Żak
It may sound very cloying, but working here is pure energy, passion and joy! It really is! Not only do I develop my professional skills, but I also get to express myself fully. The exchange of experiences, the atmosphere full of support and mutual respect, and the huge amount of inspiring conversations - these things drive me to action. DMT Cluster is the place where passions become work, and every day means new opportunities and the joy of creating something special TOGETHER!

Magdalena Wymazała

Creative Director at OmniPro

Opinia - Magdalena Wymazała
The working atmosphere is very important, in my opinion, because it is what enables the team to achieve so much more. This is not my first place of employment, and it is thanks to that excellent atmosphere that I have been working here for 12 years. I very much appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with other departments and the openness to help each other. Importantly, I get a suggestion/proposal in response to a specific situation, but the final decision is always left to me. I also like the “open-door” policy, which ensures that I can always tell and ask my superiors about everything.

Andrzej Błaszczyk

Sales Executive Channel Alliance Director at AutoID

Opinia - Andrzej Błaszczyk
We have been working together for a couple of years now, and I can say with a clear conscience that it has been a very fruitful and successful collaboration. I hope it will continue uninterrupted for years to come. What I appreciate as a member of the Cluster is above all the good, friendly atmosphere created by the people and the support I receive from them. A lot of freedom of action and the possibility to make independent decisions, trust and flexibility are other important elements that have a huge impact on greater efficiency and work results.

Olga Borysiewicz

CEO at Eventivo

Opinia - Olga Borysiewicz
DMT Cluster are the people who build this place. Without them, it would have no value. What is most important to me? The possibility to talk, the kindness, the selfless help, and also - understanding and seeing each other with respect for the person as a person and not one of the cogs in the business machinery. I feel like here I have the space to be flexible, creative and grow, implement ideas with my own methods or just co-create something cool. It makes you want to come to the office!

Andrzej Hauschild

CEO at DMT Innovation Cluster

Opinia - Andrzej Hauschild
I have been working at DMT Cluster for several years and one thing is constant: great people work here! I value working in a close-knit, open and supportive team that also cares about relationships outside of work. Noteworthy are integration events, joint sporting events and charity actions, in which we engage with enthusiasm. This is the ideal place to develop, gain knowledge and experience. There is no boredom here. Every day brings new tasks and opportunities to improve your skills.

Agnieszka Dancewicz

Business Office Manager w DMT Innovation Cluster

Opinia - Agnieszka Dancewicz
Working at DMT Cluster Innovation is a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamically developing organization where innovation and collaboration are at the forefront. My experience gained here over the past few years confirms that this is a place where every employee feels important and appreciated. The work environment promotes openness to new ideas and encourages sharing knowledge and best practices. What distinguishes DMT Cluster Innovation from others is a strong sense of community and mutual support among employees, which translates into high efficiency and job satisfaction.

Maciej Osip

Member of the Board at dmt Software House

Opinia - Maciej Osip